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escortim.com recommends going to see a show, and not just any show. Moulin Rouge is the sexy cabaret which is featured all over the world by inspired playwrights, and actresses who were young, beautiful and talented enough. The original Moulin Rouge can not be outdone however, and it is an ideal activity to rouse the interest of Paris escorts. There are also plenty of other great shows to see in Paris, such as Les “Grandes Eaux nocturnes”, or “Kiss and Cry”, for example.

You can also skip the line in an Eiffel Tower tour, and partake in an escorted tour which features exclusive access to an expedited commencement of the feature itself. Why wait in long line-ups? Your escort in Paris will appreciate such consideration on the matter.

Paris city tours in one day are perhaps the most popular option in the city for Paris travel and escort clients and their women. It provides an opportunity to not only see the most meaningful Paris landmarks, but also the French Gothic architecture of Notre Dame Cathedral and Coutances Cathedral, among others. Your escort Paris girl may very well serve as your informal but qualified tour guide.

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